Building Leadership for ACT

Building Leadership for ACT (BLACT) was a project led by two members of the ACT Management Board with the goal of increasing the number of quality ACT project and organizational leaders.

As described in the BLACT report introduction, the BLACT team adopted the models of Built to Last (Collins & Porras, 2002) and Forces for Good (Crutchfield & Grant, 2008), conducting primary and secondary research to develop its recommendations for addressing ACT’s leadership needs.

The BLACT team identified five key elements of volunteer-led organizations and consulting firms that build and strengthen their organizational leadership:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Engagement
  3. Support
  4. Integration
  5. Communication

Having identified the five key elements listed, BLACT members reviewed ACT’s current and past efforts to build volunteer leadership before developing a set of ACT specific recommendations for each of these five elements.

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