Tapestry Award

The 2019 Tapestry Award was presented to Rukaiyah Adams, MBA ‘08 at an annual gala organized by the Black Business Student Association (BBSA) on May 10, 2019.

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Rukaiyah Adams. Credit: Samuel Gehrke
May 8, 2019

Rukaiyah Adams, JD ’99, MBA ’08: Grow a Backbone

The Stanford GSB Tapestry Award winner on balancing investment performance with social responsibility.
2019 Tapestry Recipient
Rukaiyah Adams
Chief Investment Officer, Meyer Memorial Trust

About the Tapestry Award

The Tapestry Award honors an African-American Stanford GSB alumnus or alumna who has woven inspirational leadership, intellectual excellence, and service to others through his or her professional and personal life.

Tapestries, as well as the art of weaving, are sources of tradition and pride in the African American community. Like a finely textured fabric, this individual has, through their contribution and actions, reminded us of the strength, beauty, and integrity of our ancestry and the importance of maintaining these qualities in our lives. The Selection Committee considers the following factors in selecting an award recipient:

  • Leadership
  • Excellence
  • Service
  • Overall life balance
  • Impact

Nominations were solicited from the African American Alumni community.

Tapestry Award Recipients

2008 - 2019
2019 Rukaiyah Adams, JD ’99, MBA ’08
2018 Clinton Etheridge, MBA ’74
Thomas Adams, MBA ‘95
2017 Stacy Brown-Philpot, MBA ’02
2016 Daryn Dodson, MBA ’07
2015 Ron Goldsberry, MBA ’73
2014 Candace Sheffield Matthews, MBA ’85
2013 Anthony Miller, MBA ’92
2012 Kathryn Leary, MBA ’77
2011 Jim Shelton, MBA ’93
2010 Woodrow (Woody) Myers, MBA ’82
2009 Ira Hall, MBA ’76
2008 Jim Hansley, MBA ’83
Lee Jackson, MBA ’83