Social Entrepreneurship Program

At Stanford GSB, you’ll find a rich array of academic and co-curricular opportunities to explore social entrepreneurship and build a social or environmental venture from the ground up.

The Center for Social Innovation can guide you in testing your idea, immersing yourself in the space, developing a business model (nonprofit or for-profit), finding inspiration and funding, and working towards turning your idea into reality.

Courses Taught by World-Class Faculty

Through your coursework, develop your entrepreneurial skills, learn how to integrate design thinking and social innovation, prepare to measure the impact of your venture model, and navigate the funding landscape.

Financial Support

Receive support for early-stage experimentation, summer immersion in the social entrepreneurship space, and launch your social or environmental venture after graduation.

Expert Guidance

Develop your idea through events and workshops:

  • One-on-one conversations with leading social entrepreneurs will provide external feedback to inform and anchor student planning and provide helpful advice for taking your venture to the next level
  • Workshops and peer activities will provide structured opportunities to build your idea, strengthen your theory of change, and implement next steps to better understand your problem area, develop a prototype, and clarify next steps for your venture
  • Coaching from CSI pulls it all together. You’ll find both the support and the rigor needed to keep you on track as you plan your academic experience and aim toward the launch of your social venture