Business and Free Markets

How do we design markets and regulations to increase prosperity for all?

A competitive and innovative private sector that improves human welfare requires effective markets, government rules, and institutions. Today, many of the intense debates about corporate purpose and the future of capitalism hinge on the relationship between firms and governments, and their respective roles. We aim to leverage our faculty expertise in management, corporate governance, politics, policy, and market design to develop new approaches for market and institutional efficacy and accountability.

Faculty Leadership

The Steven and Roberta Denning Professor of Finance

Featured Research

2023 Survey of Investors, Retirement Savings, and ESG

David F. Larcker Amit Seru Brian Tayan
CGRI Survey Series

In fall 2023, Stanford Graduate School of Business, the Hoover Institution Working Group on Corporate Governance at Stanford University, and the Rock Center for Corporate…

The Evolving Battlefronts of Shareholder Activism

Andrew C. Baker David F. Larcker Brian Tayan Derek Zaba
Stanford Closer Look Series

In this Closer Look, we consider current trends in shareholder activism and their potential impact. We examine the introduction of universal proxies, the increase in…

Curriculum Development

Our curriculum encourages students to develop their critical thinking abilities, engage in meaningful debates, navigate complex situations, and emerge as influential leaders capable of thriving in a constantly evolving world.

Memorable courses include Corporations, Finance, and Governance in the Global Economy and Business and Government: Power and Engagement in the 21st-Century World.

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Hoover Tower as seen from the Seawell Family boardroom at the Knight Management Center

Through our research and efforts, CGRI strives to engage academics and professionals to bridge the gap between theory and practice and promote corporate governance as an independent area of teaching and scholarship in business schools worldwide.