Corporate Governance Research Initiative

The Corporate Governance Research Initiative provides research and insights on a broad range of issues facing corporations and boards of directors that includes executive compensation, board governance, CEO succession, and proxy voting.

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A guide to understanding concepts of corporate governance.

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Insight into current issues and practices of leading organizations.


Through our research and efforts, we strive to engage academics and professionals to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and promote corporate governance as an independent area of teaching and scholarship in business schools worldwide.

Our research covers a broad range of issues facing corporations and boards of directors:

  • Principles of corporate governance
  • Board of directors
  • Leadership and succession planning
  • Compensation
  • Audit and risk
  • Shareholders and proxy advisory

Research Strategy

  • Formulate a reasoned and neutral assessment based on academic research and proven experience
  • Connect with an audience of influencers and practitioners who can apply our knowledge to classrooms and organizations around the world
  • Be receptive to and collaborate with academics and practitioners from the public and private sectors

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