Palm trees and blue skies at Stanford GSB.

The Stanford GSB Executive Education Difference

Executive Education at Stanford Graduate School of Business is unlike anywhere else in the world, and so much more than you imagine.


Stanford GSB Executive Education is rooted in the philosophy that the best leaders are both analytical and intuitive. Our programs provide the research, insights, and frameworks to empower leaders to change lives, change organizations, and change the world.

We do this by equipping leaders to become true agents of change. Our unique approach will inspire you to think scientifically as you face business challenges — while also giving you the tools and confidence to understand and leverage your intuition in problem-solving and your personal development.

Curriculum Approach

We design our programs with the needs of the whole learner in mind. We continuously refine them to ensure each curriculum meets the needs of today’s leaders as they prepare to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Our curricula leverage a rich combination of experiential learning, case studies, discussions, and lectures — all created to both engage and transform learners. You’ll emerge energized and empowered with the knowledge, skills, and frameworks to tackle the ever-changing business landscape. 


The same faculty that teach in our top-ranking MBA program design, teach, and lead our programs. These renowned researchers and revolutionary disruptors tap into their expertise to guide your personal journey, helping you embrace new ways to lead teams and drive change.

Our faculty spurs innovative thinking, inspires change, and instills excellence. They combine research-based knowledge with experience teaching global leaders, covering a wide range of topics that tackle the most critical business challenges.


Our programs welcome a vibrant, diverse group of peers. Your fellow participants are professionals, senior-level executives, and entrepreneurs from a wide array of industries and backgrounds. Together, each cohort’s unique points of view invite you to step outside of your comfort zone, challenge your own preconceptions, and expand your perspective.

Our collaborative approach and the intimate format of our programs foster strong relationships. Participants support each other as part of a global peer network long after the program concludes. 


Stanford is in the heart of Silicon Valley, the epicenter of innovation; transforming the world is part of our DNA. This is where creativity happens, where thinking critically, challenging assumptions, and shifting paradigms are not only encouraged, but expected.

Stanford is perfect for enjoying California’s famous climate. Our campus is a short walk to downtown Palo Alto and an easy drive to Monterey, Napa and Sonoma Valleys, and San Francisco. 

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