What Is Executive Education?

Learn about the benefits of executive education, who the experience is designed for, and what you can expect.

March 23, 2023

Stanford Executive Education

Lifelong Learning

Learning doesn’t stop at graduation; it’s a lifelong endeavor that continues throughout our careers. Executive education programs offer a path for leaders to step back into academia and experience that environment as an incubator for innovation, collaboration, and disruption.

Executive education is for curious, lifelong learners seeking answers to big questions, including those who want to develop and hone new skills, build knowledge, and enhance leadership abilities. Executive education can help you reinvigorate your professional journey, catalyze change within your organization, and discover new ways to make positive impacts in our changing world.

Who Is Executive Education Designed For?

Executive education is for forward-thinking professionals and leaders with a passion for learning and a hunger for innovation who want to expand the limits of what they thought was possible, helping them adapt, evolve, and transform the trajectory of their careers and their own personal growth journeys.

Executive education programs are designed to support the goals and growth of those who are looking to…

…Jumpstart their career or launch the next chapter of their career with the skills and knowledge to get up to speed fast and give themself a competitive edge.

…Brush-up, level-up, or otherwise deepen their understanding of a topic, skill, or area of interest and become a certified expert.

…Move up to the C-suite, become a champion of innovation, and catalyze long-term change within their organization and beyond its walls to the world at large.

…Supplement their knowledge and overhaul their skillset as they transition from one role, department, or industry to what’s next.

…Expand their experience and empirical knowledge beyond the latest reports or white papers.

…Discover powerful new ways to branch out, give back, and leave a positive mark on their community and the larger world.

And because executive education programs come in a variety of price points, degree and non-degree tracks, and online, in-person, and hybrid formats, educational paths are available for every learner’s journey.

What Are the Benefits of Executive Education?

The pace of disruption in nearly every sector has rapidly accelerated, and even well-established companies — and executives — risk falling behind if they don’t commit to continuous learning, education, and growth.

But more than that, executive education is a holistic learning experience designed to engage the intellectually curious with new perspectives, new skills, and new ways of making an impact in an ever-changing world.

Gain a New Perspective

Rethink what you thought was possible, all over again. Whether you’re looking to challenge your own established ways of thinking, find cutting-edge solutions to previously impossible obstacles, or engage with global voices who transform how you see the world, executive education provides new lenses through which to consider our world, and invites you to take a deeper look at your role in it, above and beyond your day-to-day job.

Make Lifelong Network Connections

Break out of old well-worn networks and meet a new world of thinkers and innovators just like you — and unlike you. Tap into your most dynamic and creative self with the opportunity to collaborate with fellow problem-solvers from different backgrounds, career paths, walks of life, and regions of the globe.

Connect with these game-changing innovators and fierce advocates for change in both your professors and classmates as you make friendships, professional connections, and lifelong bonds that will continue to inspire you long after your program concludes.

Learn Valuable Skills

Executive education puts a rich tapestry of knowledge and know-how at your fingertips. From A.I. to zero-days and everything in between, executive education delivers a world of adult learning tailored to your specific goals and journey. The skills and knowledge that helped you reach success in one role may not be what you need to succeed in your next — and executive education helps you develop and hone the skills to make that transition.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Honor your lifelong commitment to personal growth. Whether you’re looking to study new technologies in the marketplace, engage in urgent conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion, or discover ways to amplify your voice and advocate for your views, executive education offers a bridge to a bigger, brighter, more curious and visible you.

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