Executive Education Participant Spotlights

Read stories about the people who participate in Executive Education programs and the transformational experience Stanford GSB had on their careers.

May 14, 2024

HR Leader Brings Innovative Mindset to Established Network of Animal Hospitals

Magdalena Bugallo learned new skills and ways of thinking to improve employee compensation and benefits with the People, Culture, and Performance program.
Magdalena Bugallo
April 05, 2024

Executive Finds Benefit in Leading with Compassion -- For Herself and Others

The Interpersonal Dynamics for High-Performance Executives program gave corporate attorney Carolyn Baker skills and confidence to grow as a transformational leader.
Carolyn Baker
January 16, 2024

Technology Leader Prepares for the Future of AI

Justyna Bak was asked to create messaging for emerging technologies at Google. The Innovative Technology Leader program gave her the tools to rise to the challenge.
Justyna Bak
December 05, 2023

Prison Service Leader Prepares for New Era of Rehabilitation for Ex-Offenders

After 25 years in corrections, Matthew Wee Yik Keong wanted to reinvigorate his leadership skills. The Stanford Executive Program inspired him in unexpected ways.
Matthew Wee Yik Keong
November 27, 2023

A Houston-Based Consulting Executive Levels Up on AI

A conversation with Rani Tiwari about her career and experience in the Harnessing AI for Breakthrough Innovation and Strategic Impact program
Rani Tiwari
October 11, 2023

In a World Full of Alphas, a Director Learns to Own His Authentic Leadership Style

A conversation with Leo Saldana about his experience in the Asian Leadership Program
Leo Saldana
September 26, 2023

A Board Member Embraces Strategies for Dealing with Global Risks

A conversation with Catherine (Cathy) Echeozo about her experience in the Managing Risk and Reputation in a Complex World program
Catherine (Cathy) Echeozo
August 22, 2023

Public Relations Leader Shares Her Take on the Industry and Social Issues

The Executive Program for Nonprofit Leaders gave Tina McCorkindale the insights to lead the 60-year-old Institute for Public Relations into the future.
Tina McCorkindale
August 04, 2023

Ready to Move Up: A Director Gains Key Insights into the Dynamics of Power

A conversation with Kristina Alvarez about her experience in the Executive Program in Women’s Leadership
Kristina Alvarez
June 13, 2023

An Innovator Embraces the Need to Think Bigger

A conversation with Tiago Aguiar about his career and experience in the Driving Innovation and New Ventures in Established Organizations program
Tiago Aguiar
May 23, 2023

A Manager Gains Confidence and Inspiration for Her Day Job and Her “Gay” Job

A conversation with Deepthi Rao, a Meta product manager and global product advocacy lead for Pride@Facebook and participant in the LGBTQ Executive Leadership program.
Deepthi Rao
May 11, 2023

LGBTQ Executive Works to “Close the Gap” in Business DEI Practices

Marina de la Torre completed Stanford’s first-ever LGBTQ Executive Leadership Program. She now advocates for inclusive hiring practices and a corporate culture that welcomes all.
Marina de la Torre
May 10, 2023

Human and Environmental Rights Changemaker Takes Foundation into the Future

The Executive Program for Nonprofit Leaders helped Maria Clara Tucci complete her evolution from finance executive to nonprofit leader.
Maria Clara Tucci
April 21, 2023

Founder of Maternity and Postpartum Brand Ready for Next Big Steps

Ingrid Carney, CEO of Ingrid + Isabel, needed financial insights to take her brand into the future. Finance and Accounting for the Nonfinancial Executive is helping her get there.
Ingrid Carney
April 20, 2023

An HR Business Partner and Learning Manager Boosts Her Own Negotiation and Leadership Skills

A conversation with Ghina Filiana about her experience in the High-Potential Women Leaders Program
Ghina Filiana
April 17, 2023

Finance Executive Expands His Perspective, Steps Up to the Role of CFO

The Stanford Executive Program broadened Chris Garber’s worldview and community, and helped prepare him for his role as CFO at Guild
Chris Garber
April 12, 2023

A Chief Information Officer Seeks Strategies for Optimizing Troves of Medical Data in a Post-Covid World

A conversation with Simon Linwood about his experience in the Big Data, Strategic Decisions: Analysis to Action program
Simon Linwood
March 29, 2023

An Architect Turned CEO Boosts Her Skills in Sealing the Deal and Embracing the Win-Win

A conversation with Kate Thompson about her experience in the Influence and Negotiation Strategies Program
Kate Thompson
March 29, 2023

Partner at Global Business Advisory Firm Renews Himself as a Leader

The Executive Program in Leadership: The Effective Use of Power gave Nick Donkar new insights to elevate his leadership skills — inside and outside his company.
Nick Donkar
March 24, 2023

Giving Ukrainians Maimed by War a Second Chance at Life

Andrey Stavnitser shifted his focus from running his businesses to establishing a rehab clinic for people who lost limbs in the war. He calls it the Superhumans Center.
Andrey Stavnitser
March 06, 2023

Energy Industry Veteran Prepares for New Role on Board of Directors

Ellen DeSanctis was senior VP at a multinational corporation when she retired. But her work wasn’t done. The Directors’ Consortium helped her prepare for the next chapter.
Ellen DeSanctis
March 02, 2023

CEO Leads 100-Year-Old Waste Management Company Into the Future

The Leading Change and Organizational Renewal program gave Salvatore Coniglio the knowledge and frameworks to modernize a company built on tradition.
Sal Coniglio
February 27, 2023

New Strategies, Empowerment, and 32 Pages of Notes

A conversation with Melinda Joseph about her experience in The Emerging CMO: Strategic Marketing Leadership
Melinda Joseph
February 03, 2023

Leveraging AI in Business: Exploring Opportunities and Weighing Perspectives

A conversation with Oz Ozturk about his career and experience in Harnessing AI for Breakthrough Innovation and Strategic Impact
Oz Ozturk