Custom Program Formats

What are your key strategic objectives, desired outcomes, and timelines? Who in your organization are you trying to impact?

These are just some of the questions we ask to help determine the ideal format for your custom program.

Immerse Your Team in On-Campus Programs

While COVID-19 put our on-campus programs temporarily on hold, the Stanford campus is now back open. Our face-to-face, on-campus, and multi-modular programs are ideal for engaging your most senior leaders, from an intimate team of 30 to a larger group of 60. Carefully designed to maximize faculty-participant engagement, the academic experience is both inspiring and challenging, stimulating and rewarding. 

Our state-of-the-art facilities and collaborative learning spaces, combined with the idyllic Stanford campus — and our incredible weather — create an environment that supports both personal and professional growth, deepens the learning, and maximizes the impact.

Bring Stanford to Your Organization Through Online Programs

Stanford GSB can create a bespoke, dynamic, and interactive online learning experience that allows your leaders to learn in realtime and apply new knowledge to current challenges. Our custom online programs provide an integrated learning environment for leaders to gain new skills, strategies, and mindsets and to engage with peers and tenured Stanford GSB faculty alike. We work with you to design a virtual experience that fits the specific needs of your organization. 

We offer both highly interactive, live online formats, as well as engaging, self-directed learning modules that leaders can complete on their own time. We can customize the content focus, time commitment, time frame, social interaction, faculty interaction, and type of facilitation. Our programs can include real-time, faculty-led sessions, and collaborative team-based projects to multimedia case studies and 1:1 coaching. The result is a world-class learning experience, customized to maximize organizational — and individual — impact.

A Taste of the Custom Online Programs at Stanford GSB

A Taste of the Custom Online Programs at Stanford GSB

Hear from professors Sarah Soule and Peter DeMarzo about the highly personalized and impactful custom online programs offered at Stanford GSB.

Combine the Benefits of On-Campus and Online Programming

We also offer a blended approach including on-campus and online experiences to bring your organization greater flexibility, accessibility, and impact.