Executive Education Faculty Spotlights

Get to know the faculty who teach in Executive Education through stories about their career journeys, research interests, teaching styles, and passions outside the classroom.

June 21, 2023

Getting to Know Michele Gelfand

Culture is an invisible yet omnipresent force that this organizational behavior and psychology professor wants leaders to better understand — in themselves and their organizations.
Michele Gelfand
June 05, 2023

Getting to Know Huggy Rao

Learn how this organizational sociologist is constantly cooking up new ideas to inspire curiosity and generosity — for himself and others — in the kitchen and the classroom.
Huggy Rao
April 05, 2023

Getting to Know Jesper Sørensen

Meet the organizational sociologist, avid indoor rower, New England Patriots fan, mystery lover, and K-drama fan (at least while he’s rowing his 10,000 daily meters).
Jesper Sørensen
March 06, 2023

Getting to Know Francis “Frank” Flynn

Seeing how individual leaders can make a difference — positive or negative — motivates this professor to help executives achieve better outcomes for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.
Frank Flynn
February 24, 2023

Getting to Know Anne Beyer

Meet the GSB accounting professor who wants to help executives and leaders get more comfortable and confident with the numbers that drive their business.
Anne Beyer
February 24, 2023

Getting to Know Baba Shiv

Learn how an unexpected career pivot from sales to academia has led this behavioral economist to a lifetime studying human irrationality.
Baba Shiv
February 24, 2023

Getting to Know Brian Lowery

Researcher, teacher, writer, podcaster, shoe maker, motorcycle track rider, and more. Hear how Brian Lowery pursues work and life with passion.
Brian Lowery
February 22, 2023

Getting to Know Szu-chi Huang

Meet the social scientist, scuba diver, underwater photographer, and certified yoga teacher who’s passionate about consumer motivation.
Szu-chi Huang
February 17, 2023

Getting to Know Ken Shotts

Discover what really matters to political economist Ken Shotts and why he believes mastering the art of disagreement is essential learning for executives.
Ken Shotts