Cost of Attendance for the Stanford MSx Program

Cost of attendance is one of the primary components used to calculate your financial aid package. Below is the estimated cost of attendance, including tuition and other expenses, for the 12-month Stanford MSx Program (July 2024 to June 2025).

Cost Single Student Married Student1
Tuition $143,144 $143,144
Housing Expenses $27,852 $41,508
Documentation Fee $250 $250
Living Expenses 1 $23,420 $45,012
Medical Insurance2 $9.402 $9.402
Health Fee $1,034 $1,034
Total $205,102 $240,350

1 The living expenses listed above include rent, food, and personal expenses for a moderate lifestyle. An additional allowance may be made for eligible dependent children. See below for estimated additional allowance for children.

2Stanford University Cardinal Care medical insurance is included in the cost of attendance for all students, even if the student is covered by an alternative insurance plan. The single student health insurance rate is listed above, on the assumption that spouses will have separate coverage.


Allowance for Children for the 12-Month Program

Family Size Allowance
Married Student with One Child (Family of Three) $22,000
Married Student with Two Children (Family of Four) $32,800
Married Student with Three Children (Family of Five) $43,600
Married Student with Four Children (Family of Six) $54,400
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