A Stanford MSx student

Career Advancement Path

The career advancement path will position you to secure a more inspiring position or establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

If this is your goal, you might aim to:

  • Deepen your knowledge of business fundamentals
  • Enhance your strategic management skills
  • Develop your interpersonal dynamics skills

At the end of your year in the program, you’ll be a more impactful leader who can make sound strategic decisions with incomplete information; develop more productive, professional relationships; and inspire and mobilize others in order to accomplish your organization’s vision.

MSx Alumni: Portraits of Career Advancement

Sample Electives

Below are courses you might consider if your path is career advancement.

Corporate Financial Modeling Put theory into practice by developing financial models to analyze major corporate transactions including venture capital funding, mergers and acquisitions, and leveraging buyouts.
Interpersonal Dynamics The iconic and intensive “Touchy-Feely” course that many students call “the most important class in business school.” It invites students to tap into heightened self-awareness and experience personal and professional evolution, thereby helping build and maintain better relationships and inspire teams (which is key for successful leaders).
Strategic Communications Business leaders have marketing strategies, expansion strategies, finance strategies, even exit strategies. Successful leaders, however, also have communication strategies. Learn why ideas, data, and advocacy are essential for professional, persuasive presentations.
Paths to Power Power and influence are key aspects of organizations, and business leaders need to understand how they manifest and decline. Topics include the sources of power, dealing with resistance and conflict, how and why power is lost, and preparing oneself to obtain and exercise power.

Featured Faculty

Alumni Spotlight
MS 2018

“Years of experience mold you into an accomplished professional. But the world is dynamic and constantly changing. And you need to change with it. After completing the MSx Program, I feel like there's no limit to my career advancement potential. Everything I learned applies directly to the workforce. Surrounded by highly skilled and qualified people, you try new things that you can implement, while seeing the world in a new perspective.”