CEMEX Auditorium

view of CEMEX Auditorium from the balcony

CEMEX auditorium boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, high-end acoustics, and the latest technology, making it an ideal location for large lectures, panel discussions, and other theatrical events.

Stage Size

52’ wide x 16’ deep

Seating and Furniture

  • A total of 587 seats arranged in two tiers, giving the space a surprisingly intimate feeling
  • 404 floor seats, 183 balcony seats, and 4 dedicated ADA spaces
  • Spacious speaker lounge, private dressing room, and restroom behind the stage
  • Covered outdoor area perfect for registration tables or break/reception service
diagram of CEMEX floor plan

Audiovisual Specifications

  • Teaching lectern with PC laptop, gooseneck microphone, and clicker
  • Four handheld and four lapel microphones

Catering Setup

Food and beverage is setup buffet style outside of CEMEX.

Venue Maintenance Fee

All non-academic events (i.e. classes and exams) in CEMEX are charged a venue maintenance fee which is based on the reservation time and on a per day basis.

1-4 hour reservation - $450

4-8 hour reservation - $900

More than 8 hour reservation - $1200

Technology Replacement Fee

Use of this facility requires a technology replacement fee of $75 per reservation hour.

Required Work Orders

Stanford Event Services - For venue setup and technology/AV needs, you are required to submit a work order with Stanford Event Services. The AV system in CEMEX required two technicians (one for audio and one for video).

Custodial (Serviced by UG2) - All events are required to submit a cleaning work order with UG2 for post event cleaning.

Event Trio Bins - If you are having any catering services, you are required to submit an order with Peninsula Sanitary Service, Inc. (PSSI) for recycling, composting, and landfill bins.