Registration for DCI Fellows

Enrollment at the GSB is managed centrally by the GSB Academic Operations Office. As such, please do not reach out directly to GSB instructors.

Due to the nature of the GSB curriculum and the limited capacity of our classes, not all GSB courses will be available to non-GSB students. Additionally, GSB students are given priority to enroll in our classes. If a class is not listed here, it will not be open for you to enroll, audit, or observe in any manner.

Steps to request enrollment:

  1. Review the Course Listings and academic policies on this site.
    - Note that GSB deadlines are very different than other University deadlines and vary based on the start date and duration of the course.
    Important: You cannot add or drop a GSB course after the add/drop deadline. Add Requests must be submitted by no later than 4:00 PM on those deadlines. Compressed and half-quarter courses have different deadlines.
  2. Submit the GSB Course Add Request form. Be sure to include your background and interest in the course where indicated.
  3. If a seat becomes available, you will receive an email from GSB Academic Operations with an invitation to enroll.
    - In most cases, you will not hear right away.
    - We send invitations to enroll on a rolling basis after GSB student registration concludes and as soon as available seats are confirmed. In many cases, seats do not become available until the first week of the quarter.
    - If you do not receive an invitation by the add/drop deadline, the class will not be open for you to enroll, audit, or observe in any manner.
  4. Enroll in Axess by the designated permission expiration date. If your permission expires, we will move on to the next student.

Course listings are posted quarterly:

Spring 2024: 5pm on March 6