Group of students in a classroom with a woman with medium length black hair and headphones around her neck turned toward her neighbor in conversation

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are committed to making positive change in the diversity, equity, and inclusion of our community, teaching, and research, now and into the future.

--Jonathan Levin, Dean of Stanford GSB

Our Commitment

We believe we will best enact our mission when all members of our community are able to leverage the experiences and ideas of others, embrace different viewpoints, feel that they belong, and know that their contributions are valued.

Our approach is a “small wins” approach to change, fostering our movement in service of our mission. Instead of issuing a directive, we seek to win the hearts and minds of those doing work and to provide pathways to help them succeed.

We are introducing an agile, two-part approach for our web-based DEI reporting:

  • A blog-style report that will allow us to 1) publish more frequent updates on our work, and 2) increase accessibility
  • An annual release of our data, reporting on aspects of the diversity and inclusion of our community

Our Priority Areas

We endeavor to empathize and listen to our constituents so that we can design, implement and assess pilot projects. To provide focus to these pilots, we identified six priorities which we continue to follow today:

  • Increase the diversity of our Stanford GSB community
  • Create an inclusive classroom and learning experience
  • Create an inclusive and welcoming campus community
  • Support new research efforts
  • Sharing good ideas with the world
  • Address racial inequality in our community and society

Perspectives on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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