First-Year Curriculum

In your first year of the MBA program, you’ll build your general and functional management knowledge, develop leadership skills, and gain global experience.

Autumn quarter classes will give you insight into the perspective of a senior manager or leader. You will enhance your leadership style through practical experience and receive detailed feedback from your classmates and leadership coaches. You’ll begin to understand the larger context of management and to recognize your own strengths and areas for development.

Autumn Quarter: Core Courses

Be Tested
Be Tested
Follow students and judges during Executive Challenge to hear about their expectations, experiences, and takeaways.

In the winter and spring quarters, students take courses from a menu of course areas to allow for interests and flexibility.

Winter/Spring Quarters: Core Courses

*Based on 2020–2021 course offerings and subject to change

MBA 2019

“As an international student, I was overwhelmed by the GSB’s spirit of personal reflection. Here giving and receiving feedback is pervasive –- both inside and outside of the classroom. GSB is the most diverse community I have ever belonged to, and connecting with my fellow classmates is absolutely invaluable.”

Ellery Berk
MBA 2019

“Leadership Labs was one of my two favorite fall quarter classes. I loved that it helped me get to know a small group of my classmates really well, in an environment unique from the rest of the GSB. Through this class, I learned about how others perceive my leadership style and how to deal with conflict constructively. The Executive Challenge was a fun finale to a great course — my squad and I had a ton of fun working together to solve the executive-level challenges facing us.”

MBA 2019

“The GSB community has been very inspiring and welcoming. This experience has helped me grow as a person and become more confident about pursuing challenges that I wouldn’t have pursued earlier. Seeing people around me aspire to change the world has helped me dream. GSB is a magical place.”