First-Year Curriculum

first year MBA student in classroom

You have big ideas and goals. We give you the most versatile toolkit to achieve those dreams.

Where do you see yourself five years from now? What about ten? 20? Will you be a corporate leader, founder, CFO, nonprofit leader, philanthropist, or all of the above? Our core curriculum is designed to make sure you’re ready for anything and everything — to build your analytical foundation and intuitive skills to succeed in whatever comes next.

Coursework in the first year includes primarily core and distribution requirements. You’ll dive into complex managerial issues, gain insight into the perspective of senior leaders, and develop your decision-making and communication skills in a global context. And because you and your classmates have different educational and professional backgrounds, some courses offer different levels and options in each required discipline, calibrated to your skills and experience. We’ll work with you to find the right path.

Core Requirements

Core requirements are designed to give you insight into the perspective of a senior manager and leader.

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Distribution Requirements

Distribution requirements focus on specific business functions and business theory. You must successfully complete a certain number of units and no more than one course within each area.

MBA 2023

The core classes have definitely created a foundation that would support me as I go forward in my career. As a business leader, they are fundamental things that you should know and understand. For anyone thinking of business school as a next step, I would say absolutely do it. You cannot imagine the amount of growth and opportunities that come with this experience.

Global Experiences

Each MBA student undertakes a global experience to fully appreciate the complexities of global management. You can choose from various exciting programs. Not only will you broaden your worldview, but you’ll get to share these transformational experiences with your peers back on campus.

Based on 2023–2024 course offerings and subject to change.