The accounting area is preeminent in research and teaching related to the dissemination and use of information in markets and within firms.

Faculty affiliated with the area are worldwide leaders in scholarship and in their contributions to accounting pedagogy. They also help shape accounting practices in the United States and elsewhere as a result of their influence in the standard-setting process.

Research by the accounting faculty draws on economics, finance, and statistics and employs analytical and empirical methodologies to study issues such as:

  • The pricing of securities in capital markets, with a focus on the role of financial reporting and information intermediaries.
  • The design of performance measurement and incentive systems.
  • Best practices in corporate governance and executive compensation.

Faculty in the area teach in the MBA, Stanford MSx, Executive Education, and PhD programs, with courses focusing on two broad areas: financial reporting and management control. Beyond the core MBA classes, a wide variety of electives cover topics in global financial reporting, financial statement analysis, and accounting-based valuation techniques.

Recent Publications in Accounting

Taylor Griffin, David F. Larcker, Stephen A. Miles, Brian Tayan
Stanford Closer Look Series. Corporate Governance Research Initiative, March

The boards of all publicly traded companies are required to conduct a self-evaluation at least annually to determine whether they are functioning effectively. Research suggests that while many directors are...

Quick Guide|
David F. Larcker, Brian Tayan
CGRI Research Spotlight Series. Corporate Governance Research Initiative, March

This Research Spotlight provides a summary of the academic literature on CEO pay levels in the United States. It reviews the evidence of:

  • Long-term trends in the CEO compensation
  • ...
David F. Larcker, Brian Tayan
Stanford Closer Look Series. March

Many observers consider the most important responsibility of the board of directors its responsibility to hire and fire the CEO. To this end, an interesting situation arises when a CEO...

David F. Larcker, Brian Tayan
Core Concepts Series. Corporate Governance Research Initiative, February

A roadmap to understanding the fundamental concepts of corporate governance based on theory, empirical research, and data. This guide takes an in-depth look at CEO succession planning.

David F. Larcker, Nicholas E. Donatiello, Brian Tayan
CGRI Survey Series. Corporate Governance Research Initiative, Stanford Rock Center for Corporate Governance, February

In summer 2016, the Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University conducted a nationwide survey of 1,554 individuals to understand how the American public views CEOs who...