Joseph D. Piotroski

Professor, Accounting
+1 (650) 498-6988

Joseph D. Piotroski

The Robert K. Jaedicke Professor of Accounting

Amman Mineral Faculty Fellow for 2023–2024
Academic Area:

Additional Administrative Titles

Director, Enterprise Singapore Scale-Up SG Tech Programme
Co-Director, The Strategic Chief Sustainability Officer Program

Research Statement

Professor Piotroski’s research focuses on corporate transparency, governance, and regulation in a global context. His current research examines the impact of legal, political, and regulatory forces on capital market behavior and corporate decision-making, most notably in China and other emerging economies. He also explores how capital market participants use financial information for valuation and investment purposes.

Research Interests

  • Corporate Transparency
  • Financial Regulation
  • Valuation in Emerging Markets

Teaching Statement

Professor Piotroski’s two MBA elective courses, “Accounting Based Valuation” and “Analysis and Valuation of Emerging Market Firms,” focus on the critical use of accounting information for corporate decision-making, valuation, and investment purposes in the U.S. and emerging market contexts, respectively.


Professor Piotroski is The Robert K. Jaedicke Professor of Accounting at Stanford Graduate School of Business, and a senior fellow at the Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research (ABFER).  Before joining the faculty at Stanford in 2007, Professor Piotroski was an associate professor of accounting at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business (1999-2007).  

Professor Piotroski’s research has been published in scholarly journals in the areas of accounting, finance, and economics; these include The Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Accounting Research, Journal of Accounting and Economics, The Accounting ReviewManagement Science, Review of Accounting Studies, and Journal of Law and Economics. His research on value investing has been widely cited in the popular press, used in practice, and highlighted on numerous investment-related websites. He currently serves on the editorial advisory boards of the Review of Accounting Studies, and Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting

Professor Piotroski teaches sessions on value creation and managerial performance measurement to business leaders in India, East Africa, and West Africa as a part of Stanford’s Institution for Innovation in Developing Economies’ Transformation Programs. He was the faculty director of the Stanford Ignite program in Beijing, and has both developed and taught in executive education programs focused on innovation for executives and entrepreneurs around the world.

Professor Piotroski earned his PhD from the University of Michigan in 1999, an MBA from Indiana University in 1994, a BS in accounting from the University of Illinois in 1989, and worked as a tax consultant for Coopers and Lybrand in Chicago from 1989 to 1992.


Academic Degrees

  • PhD in Accounting, University of Michigan, 1999
  • MBA in Finance, Indiana University, 1994
  • BS in Accounting, University of Illinois, 1989

Academic Appointments

  • Professor of Accounting, Stanford GSB, 2016-present
  • Associate Professor of Accounting, Stanford GSB, 2007–16
  • Associate Professor of Accounting, University of Chicago, 2003–07
  • Assistant Professor of Accounting, University of Chicago, 1999–2003
  • Graduate Research Assistant and Instructor, University of Michigan, 1994–99
  • Lecturer, Indiana University, 1992–94

Professional Experience

  • Tax Senior Associate, Coopers and Lybrand, 1989–92

Awards and Honors

  • Winnick Family Faculty Fellow for 2021–22
  • Stanford GSB Trust Faculty Fellow for 2016–17
  • Center for Global Business and the Economy Research Fellow, Stanford GSB, 2012–14
  • John A. Gunn and Cynthia Fry Gunn Faculty Scholar, Stanford GSB, 2010–11
  • Robert S. Hamada Faculty Fellow, University of Chicago GSB, 2005
  • William Ladany Faculty Research Fellow, University of Chicago GSB, 2002
  • Ernest R. Wish Accounting Research Award, University of Chicago GSB, 2001
  • American Accounting Association Best Dissertation Award, Financial Reporting Section, 2000
  • Deloitte and Touche Doctoral Fellowship, Deloitte and Touche, 1996


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Book Chapters

Joseph D. Piotroski, T.J. Wong
Capitalizing China. Joseph Fan and Randall Morck, eds.
2012 Pages Chapter 4


Executive Education & Other Non-Degree Programs

Learn how to make better financial management decisions to increase the value of your company in the marketplace.
Learn how to grow and scale your company in this 10-month program ​for CEOs and founders of established businesses in Africa, Indonesia, and South Asia.
Make the business case for sustainability with strategic and financial frameworks, personal leadership skills, and a deeper knowledge of today’s sustainability landscape.

Stanford Case Studies

Ron Kasznik, Joseph Piotroski, Kweku Fleming, Corinne Augustine
George Foster, Martin Haemmig, Ning Jia, Sara Leslie, Joseph Piotroski, Jennie Tung

Service to the Profession

Editorial Advisory Board member

  • Journal of Accounting Research, 2005-2018
  • The Accounting Review, 2005-2011, 2014-2017
  • Review of Accounting Studies, 2011-present
  • Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2006-2011
  • Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting, 2008-present

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