Conferences & Events

Academia and industry come together at lab events to share knowledge and encourage cross-fertilization and matchmaking.

By organizing conferences, seminars, and workshops, we enable companies to partner with academics to work on challenges, such as designing measurement systems and experimentation platforms, data analysis, and machine learning.

Event Coverage


The Transforming Prosecution: Culture, Accountability, and Empiricism conference focused on prosecution reform through data addressing the challenges of culture change.

Event Recording

Stanford GSB's Initiative for Shared Prosperity and Innovation examines how interventions by governments and private organizations could encourage innovations with massive social impact despite meager financial returns.

Annual Conferences

Through our events, we have helped entrepreneurs to learn best practices that are tailored to their challenges, such as demonstrating impact, conducting useful analytics on a small user base, or providing services through governments. In addition, we provide opportunities to interface with social impact venture capitalists and philanthropists to get feedback and cultivate new funding sources.

For example, at the Inaugural Market Shaping Conference, academics, investors, and nonprofit leaders discussed state-of-the-art market shaping techniques, areas ripe for market shaping intervention, and set the market shaping research agenda moving forward.


These conferences bring together experts, thought leaders, and visionaries from leading organizations and institutions to explore the impact of paradigm shifts in education, technology, industry, and society on the future of work. In the past, this has included such speakers as Richard Baldwin who shared insights from his book, The Globotics Upheaval: Globalization, Robotics, and the Future of Work, with faculty, staff, and students, arguing that the inhuman speed of the globalization transformation threatens to overwhelm our capacity to adapt.

Seminars and Informal Workshops

We bring in the world’s leading experts to teach seminars and conduct informal workshops. For example, in partnership with the Stanford GSB Education Club, we held a brown bag lunch from NextStep, a new venture-backed company founded by Chris Hedrick. At that lunch, he argued that the workforce disruption being caused by artificial intelligence and automation make it necessary to transform adult education.