Operations, Information & Technology

Our focus in the operations, information, and technology area is on the management of systems, processes, and networks.

Examples include health care systems, product design and manufacturing processes, supply networks, information systems, energy and environmental systems, homeland security systems, and social networks. We employ methods from the fields of operations research, game theory, econometrics, computer science, probability and statistics, and exploit the growing availability of data.

Recent Journal Articles in Operations, Information & Technology

Dan A. Iancu, Nikolaos Trichakis, Gerry Tsoukalas
Management Science. April
25 , 2017, Vol. 63, Issue 6, Pages 1730-1761

We study the inefficiencies stemming from a firm’s operating flexibility under debt. We find that flexibility in replenishing or liquidating inventory, by providing risk-shifting incentives, could lead to borrowing costs...

Can Wang, Mardy Beggs-Casin, Lawrence M. Wein
Journal of Forensic Sciences. April
3 , 2017

Ballistic imaging systems can help solve crimes by comparing images of cartridge cases, which are recovered from a crime scene or test-fired from a gun, to a database of images...

Shi Chen, Hau L. Lee
Management Science. April
2017, Vol. 63, Issue 4, Pages 1105-1025

We consider a project supply chain where a manufacturer carries out a sequence of tasks, and each task requires certain key materials from a supplier. Since a fixed-price contract cannot...

Hau L. Lee, Glen Schmidt
Production & Operations Management . April
2017, Vol. 26, Issue 4, Pages 617-632

Past research (along with our experience) suggests that a firm’s supply chain (i.e., value chain) plays an integral role in its ability to not only reduce cost via process innovation,...

Kuang Xu, John N. Tsitsiklis
Operations Research.

We study a multiserver model with n flexible servers and n queues, connected through a bipartite graph, where the level of flexibility is captured by an upper bound on the graph’s average degree, dn. Applications in...

Yonatan Gur, Lijlan Lu, Gabriel Weintraub
Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (forthcoming).

Framework agreements (FAs) are procurement mechanisms commonly used by buying agencies around the world to satisfy demand that arises over a certain time horizon. This paper is one of the...

Santiago Balseiro, Yonatan Gur
Working paper.

In display advertising markets, advertisers often purchase ad placements through bidding in repeated auctions based on realized viewer information. We study how budget-constrained advertisers may compete in such sequential auctions...