ACT Leadership Volunteer Opportunities

As a joint volunteer-staff run program, Stanford GSB ACT needs alumni to volunteer for its management board and to serve on associated board committees.

Why Volunteer?

  • Make a difference: Help ACT to accomplish its mission of bringing alumni volunteers together to help solve critical challenges of social benefit organizations
  • Expand your network and have fun: Work with other Stanford GSB alumni volunteers from all classes and programs
  • Use your skills: Apply your skills and experience to running ACT

How Can I Help?

ACT needs volunteers to help with functions such as:

  • Screening projects
  • Volunteer training and development
  • Recognition and community building events
  • Marketing and communications
  • Evaluating program performance
  • Client development

Explore the following links to learn more about both management board and committee member needs:

How Do I Get Involved?

Determine if you would like to serve on ACT’s management board or on a board committee.

As a management board member, you will:

  • Direct a function
  • Meet monthly at or near Stanford to oversee ACT’s overall mission and strategy, set objectives and monitor ACT’s relationships with key constituent groups (alumni, Stanford GSB, and clients)
  • Serve a two-year term (limit three terms) requiring a minimum of 10 hours per month beyond board meetings (seasonally variable)

As a board committee member, you will:

  • Work on specific assignment, e.g., help organize a kick-off meeting, arrange a discussion group, write a newsletter article, evaluate the success of projects in a particular round, or screen several projects
  • Be guided by the management board directing the function

Building Leadership for ACT

Building Leadership for ACT was an ACT project led by two Management Board members with the goal of increasing the number of quality ACT project and organizational leaders.

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