Interpersonal Dynamics Introductory T-group Weekend

Applicants to the Interpersonal Dynamics Facilitator Training Program must have a T-group experience that is based on the model used at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

In order to help applicants meet this requirement, we offer Introductory T-groups two or three times a year. We accept up to 24 participants per training session. As these groups are often over-subscribed, we give preference to participants who are applying to the Interpersonal Dynamics Facilitation Training Program.

Upcoming Weekend

Non-Stanford GSB Interpersonal Dynamics Introductory T-group Programs

Other groups offer T-group training that is partially based on the Stanford Graduate School of Business model. These trainings are not sponsored by or affiliated with Stanford Graduate School of Business, but they meet the prerequisite of a T-group experience for the Interpersonal Dynamics Facilitation Training Program. You may also want to consider them as an alternative way to gain T-group experience if you don't intend to apply to the Interpersonal Dynamics Facilitator Training Program (IDFTP). However, completion of this Introductory T-group weekend is highly preferred for application to the IDFTP.