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Activities & Organizations

As a student in the MSx program, you will find many ways to enrich your experience, ranging from student-organized clubs to school-run activities.

Within Stanford GSB

Stanford GSB has many student organizations and clubs that augment your learning experience and provide opportunities for building relationships with others.

Featured Clubs

MSx Student Association
The student association represents and advocates for MSx students’ views and concerns; promotes, coordinates, and operates MSx student activities and services; and enhances channels of communication among students, faculty, administration, alumni, and university communities.
Soccer Club
The Soccer Club aims to promote a balance between fun and serious soccer for all Stanford GSB students.
Veterans Club
The Veterans Club is the school's association of military veterans. The club is open to all Stanford GSB students and attempts to relate the unique experiences of military service to current events and business problems that managers are likely to encounter, including strategic, human resources, and operational issues. The club serves as a resource for members to foster professional and personal development while encouraging leadership, both within Stanford GSB and in the greater business community.