An grid of portraits of alumni, students, faculty, and staff as seen on a Zoom conference call. Credit: Agata Nowicka

Summer 2020 Issue

In March, as the COVID-19 outbreak began to upend the world, we set out to look for stories that would illustrate both the speed and breadth of the Stanford GSB community’s response to the pandemic.

It was an easy task, because the stories were everywhere.

Responding to COVID-19

Stanford GSB had a single weekend to move its curricula online. To get it done, faculty and staff practiced what they teach: innovation.

How We Adapted

If you want to move a business school’s curriculum online in a single weekend, you better practice what you teach.

Eat, Sleep, Zoom

In the months since his company became a global verb, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan has never been busier. Or more exhausted. Or happier.

Alumni & Students Take Action

Meanwhile, scores of students and alumni took steps to help those in need. People from all corners were doing impassioned work to help the school and society adapt.


Derrick Bolton returns to Stanford GSB with a new role — associate dean for external relations — and a new perspective.

The Crisis Management Playbook

When the coronavirus pandemic tanked the economy, we set out to compile a crisis-leadership handbook. Here, Stanford GSB experts discuss how to launch, adapt, listen, care, and shut down.


Quotes from guest lecturers who remotely attended Stanford GSB’s Business and Society course, which was created for the Spring 2020 quarter in response to the COVID-19 crisis.


Honors, awards, and fellowships received by Stanford GSB faculty and alumni.

2020 Sloan Research Fellowship
2020 Porras Latino Leadership Award
2019 CME Group-MSRI Prize in Innovative Quantitative Applications
2020 Ernest C. Arbuckle Award
2020 MSx Teaching Excellence Award
2020 MBA Distinguished Teaching Award
2020 Faculty Distinguished Service Award
Central Banking Award in Economics with two academic peers
Stanford’s 2019–20 Governors’ Award