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November 17, 2022
Reaction aims to help entrepreneurs fund global-scale solutions.
Babu Sivadasan smiling and looking off camera on a sunny day on Stanford GSB campus.

November 08, 2022
Stanford Impact Founder Fellow offers training and support at the grassroots level.
Portrait of Hillary Do. Credit: Saul Bromberger

October 25, 2022
Looking beyond bottles to make wine more accessible and sustainable.
Maker Wine co-founders Sarah Hoffman, Kendra Kawala, and Zoe Victor raise a toast. Sam Shimizu-Jones

October 13, 2022
Students from the Hispanic Business Student Association share their reflections.
Portrait of the members of the Stanford GSB Hispanic Business Students Association on a soft pink and orange background. Photo by Elena Zhukova

October 12, 2022
“I craved becoming a message-maker rather than a messenger.”
An illustration of the narrator writing, in front of a grid of women's portraits. Credit: Illustration by Kim Salt

October 11, 2022
Sarah Hoffman, Kendra Kawala, and Zoe Victor take a canny approach to wine.
Winemakers Maker Wine in their warehouse, surrounded by barrels of wine, with bottles of wine going down a conveyer belt in the middle of the room. William Carnahan

October 06, 2022
Get to know Stanford GSB’s new MBA class by the numbers.
Three students standing outside of Schwab Residential Center, laughing and high-fiving. Photo by Elena Zhukova.

October 05, 2022
An alumna’s journey from B-school to Wall Street; from brain surgery to the C-suite.
Carrie SiuButt standing outside on a track, wearing a red blazer and looking off into the distance. Sam Shimizu-Jones

September 28, 2022
Dominique Mielle, MBA ’98, recalls how a hasty email led to an “Oscar-worthy” act of contrition.
Portrait of Dominique Mielle at her home. Credit: Lesly Hall

September 28, 2022
What a rock named Roxanne can teach us about the “stickiness” of gender.
A photo of Ashley Martin holding her painted rocks. Credit: Photo by Gabriela Hasbun

September 23, 2022
Awards recognize leadership and academic accomplishment
Portraits of the five 2023 Siebel Scholars. Hannah Richards, Elizabeth Rosenblatt, Joshua Rowley, Kathryn Gautier, Olivier Babin

September 09, 2022
After meeting at Admit Weekend, two MBAs found a common passion and started a healthcare business for seniors.
Sarah Jacobson and Tori Seidenstein standing on the balcony of Bass Library at Stanford GSB, looking out over Stanford campus and smiling. Sam Shimizu-Jones

August 31, 2022
These are the newest MSx changemakers.
The MSx Class of 2023 standing in front of the change wall on Stanford GSB campus. Photo: Julia Yu

August 25, 2022
When faculty need a hand unlocking data, this is who they call.
Photo of Mason Jiang and Alex Storer in their office. Credit: Elena Zhukova

August 19, 2022
A nonprofit created by GSB alumni at their 25th reunion is still working to alleviate global poverty.
Changemaker: Carol Head

August 09, 2022
Stanford Impact Founder Fellow plans to disrupt and decarbonize the world’s real estate.
Bright and colorful portrait of Leia de Guzman smiling in front of the change wall at Stanford GSB. Photo by Saul Bromberger

August 05, 2022
Leo Guzman’s company is switching electric cooperatives from coal to clean energy.
Colorful and bold hand painted illustration of Leo Guzman with the sun shining above him. By Gabriella Trujillo

August 05, 2022
Students in the Stanford GSB public policy lab present recommendations to legislators.
Homeless tents line Main Street in San Francisco's financial district during shelter-in-place order. Tents are surrounded by modern skyscrapers in an affluent area of the city. Credit: iStock/DianeBentleyRaymond

August 04, 2022
Professor of finance recognized for “influential research”
Portrait of Matteo Maggiori. Credit: photo by courtesy

July 29, 2022
Exploring an entrepreneur’s intersection with business, technology, and creativity.
Changemaker: Nils Thorjussen