Finance and Environmental Sustainability

Meeting the major sustainability goals that have been put forward will require substantial levels of new investment and significant changes in how capital is allocated in economies across the globe.

In this conference we will explore the roles that corporations, financial markets and innovations in finance might play in meeting sustainability challenges by ensuring that sufficient capital is raised and allocated in ways consistent with sustainability goals. We will explore which corporate governance practices and government policies might have deterred such investments in the past. We will also seek to understand whether the sustainability goals might be undermined by some of the activities undertaken by corporations and in the financial markets and what governance and policies might correct this. Our discussions will also include the issue of measurement of sustainability goals, including but not only, the benefits and pitfalls of ESG measures.

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November 11–12, 2022


Stanford University campus

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The conference will be limited to 70 attendees in order to allow for in-depth discussion and exchange of ideas. You will be notified of your acceptance beginning on September 30.

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The Steven and Roberta Denning Professor of Finance

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