Academic Areas

Stanford GSB faculty pursue research and teaching within seven academic areas.

Research is sparked by intellectual curiosity and enriched by interactions with other academics and business leaders around the globe. Many are engaged in multidisciplinary work that crosses scholarly boundaries within the school or take part in work that involves faculty from other schools or departments at Stanford University.

Courses are renewed constantly as knowledge gained through faculty research enters classrooms to enrich the experience of MBA and PhD students, Fellows in the Stanford MSx Program, and the executives and non-business students in our Executive Education and other non-degree programs.

Recent Publications

Michal Kosinski, Wu Youyou, Andrew Schwartz, David Stillwell
Psychological Science. January
6 , 2017, Pages 1-9

Friends and spouses tend to be similar in a broad range of characteristics, such as age, educational level, race, religion, attitudes, and general intelligence. Surprisingly, little evidence has been found...

Joshua Clarkson, Eliot Smith, Zakary Tormala, Riley Dugan
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. January
2017, Vol. 68, Pages 139-145

This paper investigates the possibility that individuals selectively identify with groups as a means of restoring certainty in their attitudes. Specifically, we contend that (i) groups offer social validation in...

Baba Shiv, Uma R. Karmarkar, Rebecca M. C. Spencer
Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. January
2017, Vol. 30, Issue 1, Pages 70-79

Conventional wisdom and studies of unconscious processing suggest that sleeping on a choice may improve decision making. Although sleep has been shown to benefit several cognitive tasks, including problem solving,...

Jonathan Levav, Naomi Mandel, Derek D. Rucker, Adam D. Galinsky
Journal of Consumer Psychology. January
2017, Vol. 27, Issue 1, Pages 133-146

Consumer goods and services have psychological value that can equal or exceed their functional value. A burgeoning literature demonstrates that one source of value emerges from the capacity for products...

Darrell Duffie
Forthcoming, Management Science.