Academic Areas

Stanford GSB faculty pursue research and teaching within seven academic areas.

Research is sparked by intellectual curiosity and enriched by interactions with other academics and business leaders around the globe. Many are engaged in multidisciplinary work that crosses scholarly boundaries within the school or take part in work that involves faculty from other schools or departments at Stanford University.

Courses are renewed constantly as knowledge gained through faculty research enters classrooms to enrich the experience of MBA and PhD students, Fellows in the Stanford MSx Program, and the executives and non-business students in our Executive Education and other non-degree programs.

Recent Publications

Robert A. Burgelman, Steven W. Floyd, Tomi Laamanen, Saku Mantere, Eero Vaara, Rishard Whittington
Strategic Managemene Journal. March
2018, Vol. 39, Issue 3, Pages 531-558

Building on our review of the strategy process and practice research, we identify three ways to see the relationships between the two research traditions: complementary, critical, and combinatory views. We...

Arthur S. Jago, Jeffrey Pfeffer
Journal of Business Ethics. February
3 , 2018, Pages 1-17

Both individuals and organizations can (and do) engage in unethical behaviors. Across six experiments, we examine how people’s ethical judgments are affected by whether the agent engaging in unethical action...

Marlene Orozco, Paul Oyer, Jerry I. Porras
Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative. February

With this report, the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative highlights key research findings from its third annual Survey of U.S. Latino Business Owners. In this survey, we examine issues specifically related...

Alison T. Wynn, Shelley Correll
Social Studies of Science. February
2018, Vol. 48, Issue 1, Pages 149-164

A ‘chilly’ environment limits women’s advancement through the educational pipeline leading to jobs in science and technology. However, we know relatively little about the environment women encounter after making it...

Kirk Bansak, Jeremy Ferwerda, Jens Hainmueller, Andrea Dillon, Dominik Hangartner, Duncan Lawrence
Science. January
19 , 2018, Vol. 359, Issue 6373, Pages 325-329

Developed democracies are settling an increased number of refugees, many of whom face challenges integrating into host societies. We developed a flexible data-driven algorithm that assigns refugees across resettlement locations...