Academic Areas

Stanford GSB faculty pursue research and teaching within seven academic areas.

Research is sparked by intellectual curiosity and enriched by interactions with other academics and business leaders around the globe. Many are engaged in multidisciplinary work that crosses scholarly boundaries within the school or take part in work that involves faculty from other schools or departments at Stanford University.

Courses are renewed constantly as knowledge gained through faculty research enters classrooms to enrich the experience of MBA and PhD students, Fellows in the Stanford MSx Program, and the executives and non-business students in our Executive Education and other non-degree programs.

Recent Publications

Kathleen D. Vohs, Jennifer Aaker, Rhia Catapano
Current Opinion in Psychology. April
2019, Vol. 26, Pages 11-14

People seek to spend time in positive experiences, enjoying and savoring. Yet there is no escaping negative experiences, from the mundane (e.g., arguing) to the massive (e.g., death of a...

Szu-chi Huang, Stephanie C. Lin, Ying Zhang
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (forthcoming).

People working toward individual goals often find themselves surrounded by others who are pursuing similar goals, such as at school, in fitness classes, and through goal-oriented network devices like Fitbit....

Szu-chi Huang, Daniella Kupor, Michal Maimaran, Andrea Weihrauch, (All authors contributed equally)
Journal of the Association for Consumer Research (forthcoming).

We collaborated with UNICEF and launched a field experiment in Panamá to test the effectiveness of communicating different means–goal associations in promoting children’s consumption of water. This research is the...

Nir Halevy, Eliran Halali, Julian J. Zlatev
Academy of Management Annals (in-press). October
15 , 2018

Brokerage and brokering are pervasive and consequential organizational phenomena. Prevailing models underscore social structure and focus on the consequences that come from brokerage—occupying a bridging position between disconnected others in...

Charles I. Jones, Jihee Kim
Journal of Political Economy. October
2018, Vol. 126, Issue 5, Pages 1785-1826

Top income inequality rose sharply in the United States over the last 40 years but increased only slightly in France and Japan. Why? We explore a model in which heterogeneous...