Academic Areas

Stanford GSB faculty pursue research and teaching within seven academic areas.

Research is sparked by intellectual curiosity and enriched by interactions with other academics and business leaders around the globe. Many are engaged in multidisciplinary work that crosses scholarly boundaries within the school or take part in work that involves faculty from other schools or departments at Stanford University.

Courses are renewed constantly as knowledge gained through faculty research enters classrooms to enrich the experience of MBA and PhD students, Fellows in the Stanford MSx Program, and the executives and non-business students in our Executive Education and other non-degree programs.

Recent Publications

Navdeep S. Sahni, S. Christian Wheeler, Pradeep Chintagunta
Marketing Science.
Cassie Mogilner, Hal Hershfield, Jennifer Aaker
Consumer Psychology Review (forthcoming).

How people think about and use their time has critical implications for happiness and well-being. Extant research on time in the consumer behavior literature reveals a predominantly dichotomized perspective of...

Donnel A. Briley, Melanie Rudd, Jennifer Aaker
Journal of Consumer Research (forthcoming). December

Research shows that optimism can positively impact health, but when and why people feel optimistic when confronting health challenges is less clear. Findings from six studies show that the frames...

Bella Rozenkrants, S. Christian Wheeler, Baba Shiv
Journal of Consumer Research (forthcoming) . December

Previous research has shown that material goods can help people self-express, either because the products are themselves self-expressive (e.g., a band t-shirt) or because the products are associated with a...

Gabriel Doyle, Amir Goldberg, Sameer B. Srivastava, Michael C. Frank
Proceedings of the 55th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics. August

Cultural fit is widely believed to affect the success of individuals and the groups to which they belong. Yet it remains an