Steve Callander teaching students at Stanford GSB

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Spring Electives


The future of the energy industry is deeply intertwined with politics and the formation of policy. In this class we'll take a deeper dive into the market and beyond-market (policy) strategies in the energy industry. Our focus will be on new clean energy technologies as they attempt to break into the industry. Each session will address a business problem and analyze the interaction of market structure and the beyond-market environment. This course is led by Steve Callander, GSB professor of public and private management & political economy and Josh Richman, VP of global business development and policy at Bloom Energy.


Cities are where billions of people live and they are the engine for innovation and economic growth. They are also going through enormous change and battling with fundamental problems, like housing, transportation, urban planning, the environment, safety, transparency and more. Innovation offers the promise of exciting solutions. But for that change to happen, it must serve the interests of the people who live in a city and overcome the challenges of politics and policymaking. The class will focus on this intersection. It will be led by Steve Callander, GSB Professor of Political Economy, and Sarah Hunter, the director of Global Public Policy at X, the google Moonshot Factory.

Executive Education