“As we look forward to the GSB’s next century, we’re reimagining the possibilities of a business school at a great university like Stanford.” — Dean Jon Levin

Dean Levin’s Priorities for the GSB’s Future

For nearly a century, Stanford GSB has been a center of innovation and change for business and the world. Here are Dean Jon Levin’s signature priorities and programs that are setting the school up for another 100 years of success and impact.



Nurture Excellence in GSB Research & Education

The GSB’s mission is to create ideas that illuminate management, and with those ideas, develop innovative and principled leaders who change the world. At the core of that mission is people. The GSB is successful when we attract exceptional faculty and students, and provide them with the support and freedom to realize their potential.

Andy Hall, left, and panelists at the AI and Democracy Event. Credit: Julia Yu

Our faculty are the leaders who for generations to come will launch new initiatives and produce the next great ideas that change the world. The future of our programs, teaching, innovation, and impact depends on the excellence of our faculty today.

The experts in our Teaching & Learning Hub support and enrich the educational experience for our students and faculty. They assist with course design, case writing, faculty coaching, and using new technologies like AI in and out of the classroom.

Photo of Mason Jiang and Alex Storer in their office. Credit: Elena Zhukova

New technologies are transforming how and how much we can learn from social science research. Our Research Hub has led the way by investing in research tools and teams that revolutionize our research and seize the potential of big data and AI.

Lead on the Challenges & Possibilities Facing Business & Society

By combining our research, teaching, and convening power, the school’s new initiative for business, government and society is preparing the responsible leaders of the future while tackling some of the most critical issues facing humanity today.

Business schools like the GSB have a vital role to prepare responsible leaders for the next century. By combining our research, teaching, and convening power, we are tackling some of the world’s most critical issues from climate change to beneficial technology.

In collaboration with fellow Stanford schools, the GSB is preparing a new generation of ecopreneurs who can create and build the kinds of organizations the world needs to address the global climate and sustainability challenges facing humanity and the planet.

Expand the Reach & Impact of GSB Knowledge & Ideas

The GSB has a unique role to play at Stanford as the school that creates a bridge to application, brings ideas into practice, and enables us to expand the teaching and impact of the entire university. We are working to develop this vision of the GSB as bridging Stanford ideas and talent with the world.

Stanford Global Economic Forum

In 2019, we began co-hosting a cross-Stanford forum to build bridges and foster an open exchange of ideas across countries. Hundreds of leaders gather and explore economic policies that spur growth, sustainability, and economic development.

Stanford LEAD

Our flagship online business program has flourished over the past few years, teaching and creating a community of thousands of business leaders worldwide. GSB faculty teach the courses in this year-long experiential learning journey.

For the first time in the school’s history, we are offering special GSB courses to hundreds of Stanford undergraduate and masters students. The program exposes students to practical thinking about organizations, markets, decision-making, and leadership.

The GSB has a need-blind admission process and shifted to a 100% need-based aid approach for qualified admitted students, regardless of citizenship. In addition to these generous fellowships, the new BOLD fund offers extra support for MBA students who demonstrate financial hardship and a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Each month, millions of people worldwide engage with GSB ideas through the school’s podcasts, articles, and social media posts. The reach and engagement with GSB knowledge is exponentially greater than we could have even imagined a decade ago.

In partnership with SIEPR, the GSB launched a new initiative that will expand the reach of the university’s teaching and learning on personal finance. What started as a popular class for Stanford undergrads has evolved into a free educational program for everyone.