Analysis and Measurement of Impact

Analysis and Measurement of Impact supports impact creators and funders in optimizing their social and environmental impact.

This course provides students the opportunity to work with organizations that are focused on achieving impact, including impact for-profits, investment funds, and evaluators.

Topics include current trends and drivers in the impact space, frameworks for measuring impact, financial instruments and techniques for achieving impact, analysis of impact fundamentals, organizational structures for impact, and challenges in fundraising for impact businesses.

Students work on projects to analyze impact investments including private equity and fixed income products, assess the financial viability of an impact business, develop equitable alternative risk assessment metrics, model the economic and social value of outcomes, and evaluate the impacts of an organization.

Project Examples


The Marriner S. Eccles Professor of Accounting and Public and Private Management

Who Should Register

Analysis and Measurement of Impact (ALP 303) is available to the following students:

  • Students with a strong interest in analyzing financial, environmental, and social returns from impact investments
  • MBA and MSx students at Stanford GSB
  • Other Stanford graduate students with a good understanding of financial or data analytic techniques, and an interest in impact or other mission-focused enterprises and investments (application required)