Time Commitment

IDFTP represents a substantial commitment of time and effort by Stanford GSB faculty, experienced co-facilitators, and selected trainees. The commitment includes the time dedicated to the training itself and facilitating a section of the Interpersonal Dynamics course on a regular basis.

Initial Training

During the winter of 2024 the training cohort will meet with the training faculty once per week for 6.5 hours plus a weekend retreat. The trainees will start facilitating student T-groups in Spring quarter of 2024.

Course Facilitation

Facilitators must commit to facilitating the full 10 weeks of the course. This includes:

  • Participation in two to three hours of class each week
  • A three-hour evening T-group each week
  • A weekend retreat towards the end of the quarter

Some sections of the course meet one day per week, while others meet two days per week. In either case, facilitators are only required to come to campus one-time per week for class, clinic, and t-group.

Meetings with Faculty

In addition, the six facilitators assigned to each section will meet for two hours every week with the faculty member teaching that section. Class, clinic, and evening T-group all meet on the same day each week. These weekly meetings are referred to as “clinic” and they provide a forum for tracking student and group progress as well as an opportunity for ongoing facilitator development.