MSx studdent studying and talking outside

Student Life

Your experience as a student in the MSx Program is a blend of academic, social, and career activities.

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During your year in the MSx Program, you will fully immerse yourself into the incredible resources available only at Stanford. Here are just some of the ways you can integrate into the Stanford community, experiment and learn lessons, and build your network:

  • Learn a strategy in class one afternoon and incorporate it as you lead a club or organization meeting that evening
  • Organize a small group dinner with a faculty member and invite classmates for a deeper dive into a topic or trend
  • Float a new company idea past your classmates (who bring perspectives and experience from around the world), take it to the Venture Studio, and build out the business plan
  • Craft an independent study project with a faculty member to challenge your academic prowess and thought leadership
  • Take lessons at the golf course to master your backswing
  • Attend a brown bag lunch or listen to the lessons of a top executive in the View From The Top speaker series
  • Enjoy the beautiful sunshine and dine outdoors with friends and family while sharing takeaways

Through these and other opportunities, you will internalize the concepts of innovation, lead and inspire others, and expand global perspectives. Feel confident that there will be many options to push you to your full potential.