A smiling group of MBA students standing arm-in-arm

Why Stanford MBA

It all starts at Stanford. It all starts with you.

Expand Your Mindset

During your time at Stanford GSB, your path to growth may take you to unexpected places. You will spend two years reflecting on what matters most to you and what kind of contribution you want to make in this world.

Think Boldly

Innovative ideas come from innovative thinkers. In this time of accelerated change, you can no longer look to the past to prepare for the future. At Stanford, you have the opportunity to learn about history from those who are in the process of making it.

Build Your Community

You cannot change the world alone. At Stanford, we encourage you to bring your whole self inside and outside of the classroom. You’ll meet people from all over the world who will become your colleagues and confidants. You will work together to become the leaders of tomorrow, supporting and challenging each other every step of the way.

Lead From the Heart

True leaders not only forge new paths, they inspire others. At Stanford, you will develop a deep understanding of how your behaviors impact those around you and what you can do to increase your connection with others - especially those different from you.

Principled leadership is paramount at Stanford GSB: leading with responsibility to the world and society at large as well as to your organization. Through grappling with difficult choices inside and outside the classroom, you will discover how to maintain this delicate balance.

Define the Future

You have the power to change the future, starting with your own. Humanity’s biggest challenges require great minds across a variety of disciplines to unite in developing creative solutions.

We believe that you too can be a change maker and join with alumni in our efforts to change lives, change organizations, and change the world. During your two years at Stanford, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to act fearlessly and inspire action.