A happy construction worker onsite at a Seed company.

Seed Company Spotlights

Seed companies represent a unique mix of business concepts, industries, and countries. Get to know a few of them and learn about the impact they are having on their community and the world.


Rapid urbanization and unregulated industrial development in many parts of Africa have resulted in environmental damage due to mismanaged liquid and solid waste. Delta, specializing in sanitation and construction, is working to improve that situation.


Integrated pest management company Dudutech produces zero-residue biological pest control products targeting insects and disease while promoting environmental safety and long-term sustainability.

Future Farms

The future of food in India might just be hydroponics, thanks to Future Farms. The company is tackling India’s shortage of high quality, affordable food for the masses through the alternative farming technique, which is used in the U.S. and Europe but less so in developing economies

GTB Scanlab Diagnostic Services
Health Care

Accessing medical diagnostic services is difficult in many parts of Africa, where patients often have to travel long distances and spend scarce resources to reach quality radiology and laboratory facilities. Kenya-based GTB Scanlab Diagnostic Services is improving that situation, with four sites offering state-of-the-art ultrasound, MRI, mammography, CT scan, and laboratory services.


E-commerce platform Hubtel, launched in 2005, offers businesses tools that make it easier for banks, telecommunications companies, utility companies, and retailers to process sales and connect with their customers.

Joissam Ghana
Civil Works

Joissam Ghana is a private civil works company that is improving access to clean water throughout Ghana by identifying potential water sources, drilling, and installing water systems to filter and deliver water.

Lucient Group

Walking away from a promising career at the world’s largest diamond company is a risky move. But after coordinating a review to help De Beers redefine its role in the diamond industry for the next decade, Botswana native and engineer Lerang Selolwane chose to do just that.

Q Sourcing
Human Resources

In parts of rural Africa, many workers don’t have access to training programs where they can learn skills needed to secure better, higher paying jobs. Ugandan-based human resources company Q-Sourcing is working to change that.

Ten Senses

Ten Senses is helping to put African-grown cashews and macadamia nuts into the hands of citizens around the world. The company’s mission is to ensure that thousands of smallholder farmers who grow the nuts are paid a fair price for their goods, by cutting out the middlemen.

Whyte Cleon
Human Resources

Nigerian outsourcing and human resources company Whyte Cleon is helping by training job seekers in leadership, ethics, and self-awareness.

Wilson’s Juice Co.
Consumer Products

Wilson’s Juice Co. produces natural, not-from-concentrate lemonades and tea-lemonade blends. The company locally sources all its ingredients, helping support a network of hundreds of smallholder farmers, while its production facility employs a Nigerian workforce of over 50, more than 60 percent of them women.