Whyte Cleon

With unemployment so high, some Nigerians are demoralized by low pay and a lack of engaging jobs. Nigerian outsourcing and human resources company Whyte Cleon is helping by providing job seekers with training in leadership, ethics, and self-awareness.

Founder Nireti Adebayo’s goal is for people to see themselves as valuable, engaged contributors to society, not merely assets or “supply.” “We believe everybody has the opportunity to do great things and the right to enjoy their work.”

Participating in the Seed Transformation Program helped Adebayo realize the value of what Whyte Cleon (the name means “integrity” and “grace”) was already doing and gave them the confidence to grow. The company is now expanding into Kenya and Ghana. It also hosts sports days and health outreach events for the community. “What Seed has done for us is actually to impress on us to go beyond even staffing to ask ‘how we can impact the lives of the staff positively and how can we impact our community with the jobs that we do.’ ”

--Nireti Adebayo, CEO


Nireti Adebayo is the chief executive officer of Whyte Cleon, an outsourcing and management solutions company in Lagos, Nigeria, that also does business in Kenya and Ghana. In addition to her leadership at Whyte Cleon, where she has been since 2012, Adebayo teaches business ethics, personal development and customer and employee retention to clients. She is a volunteer expert in residence and a facilitator at Pan African University in Lagos, Nigeria. She holds a master’s of science in administration degree from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and is an alum of Lagos Business School and IESE Business School in Barcelona. Adebayo is a fellow of the Association of Outsourcing Professionals of Nigeria.

Adebayo participated in the Seed Transformation Program in West Africa in 2016.