Sloan Fellows enjoying a moment of humor in class

Academic Experience

It is hard to describe the Stanford MSx academic experience with just one word. Five makes it easier.

1. Rigorous

The Stanford MSx Program’s academic approach is designed to support the Stanford GSB in its effort to change lives, change organizations, and change the world.

Experience the very best of Stanford GSB, accelerated and tailored to meet the needs and experience of our accomplished global leaders. The core curriculum grounds you in the business fundamentals, such as economics, strategy, ethics, and negotiations. And electives give you the opportunity to stretch beyond your past and ignite your future.

2. Personal

To enhance your academic studies, the program pushes you to understand and further develop your individual leadership style — and, most important, to put it into practice.

3. Customizable

Over 50% of the curriculum is selected by you. Choose from hundreds of electives — from Global Financial Reporting to Interpersonal Dynamics. This is your academic experience, so make the most of it based on your curiosity, passions, interests, and needs.

4. Collaborative

This is not just a buzzword at Stanford. Collaboration is key to learning here — among students, with the faculty, and with the university and Silicon Valley communities. In the same spirit, you can take advantage of all that Stanford University’s graduate schools and various institutes have to offer, driving the creation of innovative, cross-disciplinary solutions to pressing business and global issues.

5. Impactful

Sloan Fellows bring a vast and varied degree of insights, experiences, and perspectives to Stanford GSB. Given their average of 12 years of work experience — versus an average of three to five years for students in MBA programs in the United States — your study groups, class discussions, small group projects, and peer feedback sessions will have a tremendous impact on what and how you learn.