MSx students preparing for class lecture

Application Requirements for the MSx Program

The application process to the one year masters program is streamlined and straightforward, and each aspect is carefully considered.

The information you provide in your Stanford MSx (Masters in Management) application provides the admission committee a holistic view of your personal and professional accomplishments, along with a clear sense of how you envision the program and business masters degree amplifying your career.

The MSx program application requirements are broken down into four components:

Personal Information

  • General information
  • Background and perspective
  • Career aspiration
  • Education
  • Activities
  • Awards and honors


  • What matters most to you and why?
  • Why Stanford MSx and why now? Describe your aspirations and how your Stanford GSB experience will help you realize them.

Professional Experience

Recognized in Distinguished Circles

With this elite business masters degree on your resume—and the support of a global community behind you—you will experience exciting new career possibilities.