Individual Leadership Positions

Client Development

  • Develop criteria to identify target clients to pursue
  • Proactively nurture and develop targeted clients and projects
  • Meet with existing clients and understand attributes of successful client engagements
  • Engage alumni and volunteers in client development efforts


  • Continually assess the effectiveness of client and volunteer surveys
  • Analyze surveys by project round and advise Board of findings
  • Recommend strategic & programmatic initiatives based on findings
  • Compile ACT’s activities and impact for annual presentation to Stanford GSB’s Director of Alumni Relations

Management Board Archivist

  • Attend Board meetings, record minutes, and post to Board Google site
  • Research and organize tools needed to support project consultants and Board

Marketing Channels and Analytics

  • Build a robust and insightful dashboard for measuring ACT’s outreach outcomes
  • Refresh and improve our volunteer recruiting campaign dashboard
  • Track the performance of our email campaigns and tests

Marketing Content

  • Develop and implement communication plan to build and strengthen the ACT community
  • Prepare marketing materials for print and electronic media
  • Develop project and alumni stories that can be used to promote ACT

Operational Reporting

  • Help ACT better understand and track performances and support continuous improvement efforts
  • Work with the Board to define the most meaningful metrics that should be used to track success; set up reports to track those metrics
  • Develop a “results” dashboard for the Board’s review to gauge performance

Project Screening

  • Screen projects and select them in collaboration with ACT staff
  • Manage a team of screening volunteers

Volunteer Recognition

  • Plan and manage events and activities that build community and provide recognition to ACT volunteers

Volunteer Training and Development

  • Determine training needs of team members and leaders
  • Develop and implement programs/tools to help make ACT’s volunteers successful
  • Publicize latest tools, techniques, and best practices to all volunteers to ensure team quality