Stanford GSB Advisory Council

Members of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Advisory Council play an important role in the strategy and operations of the business school.

Since its founding, council members have helped shape the school’s curriculum and provided counsel to the deans on strategic, operational, and financial directions for the school.

Roelof Botha, MBA ’00, serves as chair of the Advisory Council. Roelof is supported by vice chairs Cori Duncan, MBA ’02, Forrest Li, MBA ’06, and Kausik Rajgopal, MBA ’01, who lend expertise and advice in running the council.


The advisory council’s mission is to provide external perspective and review as well as advocacy and support for the school’s programs, strategic direction, and overall objectives.


Members are recommended by the dean of the business school and appointed by the president of Stanford University. Members serve a term of two years and may be reappointed to serve additional terms.


The dean selects a chair to serve for a minimum of one year. When appropriate, the chair and the dean ask specific individuals to take on additional tasks in order to facilitate the work of the council. The chair is an ex-officio member of any committees organized to handle special projects or issues.


The full council holds semi-annual meetings, on call of the chair or the dean. In most cases, meetings are held at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Other meetings of the council or its appointed committees are convened at the call of the chair or dean.