Curricular Integration

Classes held in RAIL give students a chance to learn-by-doing, which creates a more impactful learning experience.

Students are able to combine classroom theory with real and simulated market data to model real-world scenarios. This approach significantly increases student engagement and augments the classroom curriculum by providing content to the subject.

Courses Using RAIL

ACCT 340: Alphanomics

Students use various tools to demonstrate portfolio management and investment decision-making:

  • Portfolio123 to backtest results of various growth, earnings, and value filters
  • Rotman Portfolio Manager to manage portfolios in real time with live stock market data
  • BarraOne to monitor and adjust a portfolio’s risk profile

FINANCE 361: Behavioral Finance

Students use Rotman Interactive Trader to manage simulated portfolios so they can learn to understand the motivations for financial decisions. Students examine particular behavioral biases so they can learn to avoid potential financial missteps.

FINANCE 562: Financial Trading Strategies

Students learn how mutual, pension, and hedge funds deploy individual trading strategies to achieve specific goals. Using the Rotman Interactive Trader simulation, students learn how to write algorithms to accumulate or dispose of large blocks of stock in the open market, hedge a portfolio of stocks, and generate arbitrage in energy markets based on relative price differentials.