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Admission to the Stanford MBA Program

Your story starts here. But before the late-night study sessions, before your global experience, before you can get your MBA, you need to apply.

Take a look at our entering MBA class. At Stanford GSB, you’ll find yourself surrounded by smart, driven people from all over the world aspiring to make a difference. Your colleagues will push you in ways you could never do on your own. Stanford’s culture of collaboration creates an environment unlike any other in which students learn, lead, and grow with each other. In that collaborative spirit, hear what a few students have to say about applying:

Personalizing Your Admission Journey

Create or update your MBA Profile! Head to the MyStanfordGSB.Info page to see a personalized dashboard for your MBA journey. The MyStanfordGSB prospect portal helps you track your application progress, register for upcoming events, and engage with stories and content relevant to you.

Applying to the Stanford MBA Program

The big question on every applicant’s mind is: What is Stanford GSB looking for?

We won’t give you a checklist to mark off, because there isn’t one. There is no typical Stanford MBA student, no ideal for applicants to chase. Our advice is to just focus on you and ensure that your application is a true reflection of yourself.

That being said, we do look at some general evaluation criteria: how you think, how you lead, and how you see the world. The way you express those qualities should be authentically your own.

As you work through your application, our admissions office is more than happy to answer any questions after you read through this information.

Connecting with Us

Learn from students, alumni, and staff just what makes Stanford GSB so special to them. Virtual and in-person admissions events will fill in the details about how Stanford can transform your life and career. Admissions events include MBA information sessions, regional and industry panels, small group chats, class visits, campus tours, and other chances to engage with students, alumni, and admissions staff around the world.

Upcoming Events

Take a Look Around Campus

Join your student guides on an interactive tour of the Stanford GSB campus.

Reporting Accessibility Issues

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