If you’re excited by the idea of learning from and contributing to the Stanford GSB community, you’ve come to the right place.

Apply to the Stanford MBA Program

  • Read through this website carefully; it is your primary source for application information.
  • Apply online in one of three application rounds.
  • Let us know if we can help you at any time throughout your application process.​

Apply to Both the MBA and MSx Programs Using One Application

  • Make sure you understand the criteria for both the MBA and MSx programs (at least eight years of experience is required for the MSx Program).
  • You must apply in Round 1 or 2 to use the combined application.
  • On the first screen of the MBA application, select the “MBA and MSx Program Application.”
  • Address your interest in both the MBA and MSx Programs in Essay B.
  • Pay only one $275 fee to apply to both programs.
  • If you are admitted to both programs, you can accept only one offer of admission.
Last Updated 26 Feb 2019