Deferred Enrollment

Join other change-makers by securing your spot in a future MBA class now. Believe in yourself. We believe in you.

Our deferred enrollment program provides a path for eligible candidates to apply now, take one to four years to gain professional experience, and then embark on their MBA journey.

Key Benefits

Deferred enrollment is designed for students without full-time work experience to:

  • Pursue opportunities that enable you to build expertise, enhance your skills and knowledge, expand your perspective, and develop professional judgment and self-confidence.
  • Explore an industry (or two) before earning your MBA if you are unsure about your long-term professional path, especially if you are a college senior.
  • Prepare for certain industries — private equity, biotechnology, and management consulting in particular — which tend to recruit MBA candidates who have pre-MBA work experience or specialized knowledge in that field.
MBA 2021

“As a deferred admit, even though you haven’t yet arrived on campus, you’re already part of the Stanford community. Take advantage of that! Reach out to alumni and current students during your deferral period — learn about their experiences and passions, and use those learnings to refine your own goals. Optimize for learning during your time before Stanford; when you arrive on campus, you’ll have a better idea of how to shape your own Stanford experience and set yourself up for your goals.”

MBA 2020

“Deferred admission is a great way to extend your MBA experience. During this period, I became friends with many of the other deferred admits, had access to a Stanford email address to reach out to people with, and attended several Stanford events with current GSB students. Through this network, my startup began to pull in revenue and I [later] landed a new job that doubled my salary. The pre-MBA years were as impactful as the program itself; I had a positive ROI from my GSB MBA before I even matriculated!”

MBA 2020

“The deferral period could truly be game-changing for you. Make sure that you explore your different interests, take risks that you otherwise wouldn't normally take in your career and start building your network of GSB students and alums. The years before you begin at the GSB provide some of the most formative years of self-reflection and introspection. Start to figure out what you want out of your GSB experience, what skills and interests you want to develop and how you're going to make sure that you achieve your goals.”

Who Should Apply

If you are interested in having a positive impact, we are interested in you. We are looking for students from all studies and majors, including STEM, humanities, and business. Students at Stanford GSB come from diverse personal, educational, and professional backgrounds.

What We Look For

We seek the most promising students in terms of our three evaluation criteria. We realize that our applicants are at different points in their professional journeys, and will evaluate your accomplishments within the context of your experiences.

You are eligible for deferred enrollment if you meet one of the following criteria:

Circled number 1

You are a college senior.

You are in your final year of a bachelor’s degree or a joint bachelor/graduate program, and your degree will be conferred between Oct. 1, 2022, and Sep. 30, 2023.

Circled number 2

You are in a graduate program.

You began the program immediately following an undergraduate or undergraduate/graduate program, and you did not have full-time professional work experience between the programs.

How It Works


Start Your MBA Application

There is no separate application for deferred enrollment.


Select Your Preferred Enrollment Year

The maximum time between admission and starting your MBA is four years. Based on our assessment of your application, we may offer a deferral for a different amount of time than you request.


Share Your Deferral Plans

Tell us how you will be productively engaged in full-time work or study during your deferral period.


Provide Your Recommendations

Include two letters of recommendation from recommenders who have supervised your extracurricular activities or work, such as internships or part-time jobs.


Pay Your Application Fee

If you are eligible for deferred enrollment, you will pay a reduced application fee of $100.


Submit Your Application

We offer three application rounds — you should apply in the round that makes the most sense for you, but Round 3 is often an excellent choice for deferred enrollment candidates.

Special Considerations for Deferred Applicants

Still Have Questions?

We offer many opportunities to engage with current students, alumni, and the MBA Admissions team. If you are thinking about applying, we invite you to attend either a general admissions event, or search for an event tailored to “deferred” enrollment candidates.

Deferred Enrollment at Stanford GSB
Deferred Enrollment at Stanford GSB
Learn more about deferred enrollment from an admissions officer as well as a panel of students and alumni.