MD/MBA Dual Degree

The MD/MBA dual degree program allows you to pursue an MBA at Stanford GSB and an MD from the Stanford School of Medicine in five or six academic years of residence, based on academic plans approved by your MD advising dean.

Degree Requirements

You must fulfill the degree requirements for the dual degree program as outlined in the academic policies from each school for the year in which you began the required curriculum.

MBA Units 90
MD Units A minimum of 235 and completion of all MD graduation requirements
Time to Complete 5 to 6 years depending on MD Program academic plans and career goals

*Per Stanford School of Medicine policy, MD students should be in good academic standing at the School of Medicine. MD students should follow School of Medicine dual degree policies to receive approval to matriculate in the MBA Program. Students also must receive an overall pass on Step 1 of the USMLE within 12 months of the start of clinical clerkships. It is highly recommended that MD/MBAs take their Step 1 exam prior to starting at Stanford GSB.

Applying for the MD/MBA

You may apply in any round for this dual degree program.

You must apply separately, and be accepted, to both the Stanford School of Medicine and Stanford GSB.

You may apply to the MBA program during your first, second, or third year at the school of medicine. However, we strongly advise that you apply to the MBA program in your third year. If you apply in your first or second year of medical school, you may be eligible to defer your enrollment.