Meet the Consultants

See how volunteer consultants are sharing their skills, time, and expertise.

These short films demonstrate the profound impact pro bono consultants are making on Seed companies and their leaders. And as you’ll see, the gratitude goes both ways. Watch and be inspired to learn more and apply.

Seed Consultant

Meet Ravi Kohli, the Founder and Managing Director of Kenya-based Karibu Homes, and Tony Small, a Stanford Seed Consultant who helped Karibu Homes restructure their sales process, commission, and bonus structure. By implementing some of Tony's recommendations, Karibu Homes was able to dramatically increase the value they got from their sales leads.“I just recommend doing it," he says. "It’s super fun, very rewarding. It’s a really great use of time and a really great way to give to the community and help other companies grow and be more successful.”

Seed Consultant

Meet Claudia Salvischiani, who helped the team at Alpha Direct Insurance in Botswana implement a new performance management system. “Overall, it’s a wonderful experience; by working with these companies it confirmed for me that HR can have an impact and it absolutely energized me.”