Woman working at Nation Feeders, a Seed company in West Africa.

About Seed

Seed is a Stanford GSB-led initiative that’s working to end the cycle of global poverty.

We partner with entrepreneurs in emerging markets to build thriving enterprises that transform lives.

Thriving Enterprises: Long-Term Engine for Change

Seed-trained entrepreneurs, empowered with leadership know-how and one-on-one support, are making an impact by:

  • Scaling and strengthening their companies
  • Creating valuable local, regional, and global networks
  • Transforming lives — from employees and suppliers to customers and communities

Our Programs: For Established and Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

Seed delivers world-class business training to help entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. Whether it’s a promising startup, a small, growing company, or an already profitable enterprise, Seed partners with entrepreneurs to help them transform, grow, and make a positive impact in their communities.

Seed offers four programs — the Seed Transformation Program (STP), Seed Transformation Network, Aspire, and Seed Spark — to address the needs of companies at varying sizes and stages of growth, providing a comprehensive and valuable continuum of support. Early-Stage Entrepreneurs: Seed Spark is a five-month, online entrepreneurship program designed for early-stage entrepreneurs. Spark collaborates with incubators, accelerators, and other organizations in Africa and South Asia to deliver this training program to high-potential entrepreneurs and founders to help them build their business strategy, grow their network, and boost their business acumen.

For Established Entrepreneurs

Seed Transformation Program helps established enterprises scale to exponential growth. It’s our flagship 10-month leadership program for CEOs/founders and their management teams to help identify growth opportunities and implement an action plan to transform their business. The in-person and online program is designed for African, South Asian, and Indonesian companies with revenue between $300K – $15M.

Seed Transformation Network assists leaders who have completed the Seed Transformation Program to keep scaling by supporting collaboration and networking with other STP companies. The program provides ongoing leadership and project-based support from Seed coaches, consultants, and interns.

For Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

Seed Spark helps early-stage startups create and clarify their value proposition, go-to-market strategy, and profit model. It’s a five-month online training program for high-potential entrepreneurs offered in collaboration with incubators, accelerators, and other entrepreneurial support organizations in Africa and South Asia. The program is designed for pre- and early-revenue companies.

Aspire helps small, growing companies formalize their business structures and professionalize their operations to drive growth. It’s a six-month online business growth program to equip entrepreneurs with the core skills, tools, and strategies to thrive. The program is offered in partnership with the African Management Institute. The program is designed for African companies with revenue between $20 - $400K.