MSx students walking past the Monument to Change as it Changes

Career Impact of the Stanford MSx Program

Stepping away from the workforce to reflect, refine, and expand your skills is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. And one year in the Stanford MSx Program will transform you and your career.

Hear from MSx Alumni

Alumni Spotlight
MS 2018

“I had been at my company for 12 years, a company that offers a lifelong career. I made the hard decision to leave that behind and come here to explore where I could take my career next. It felt risky, but it completely surpassed my expectations. I knew that I’d leave the program with a degree, but I did not know how much personal growth I’d signed myself up for. After the MSx Program, I feel more capable to lead teams with bigger and broader perspectives. This program made me more strategic and intentional about the bigger picture and my role in it.”

Post-Program Success

Graduates leverage the lessons and skills they learned and the network they built to change lives, change organizations, and change the world in a multitude of ways. Here is a small glimpse at how our graduates excelled after the program.

You will have dedicated support from the Career Management Center, career advisers, and leadership coaches to explore new pathways to advance your career, launch a new venture, or change careers.

By extracting yourself from work to immerse yourself in a vibrant, stimulating, and challenging learning environment, you will:

  • Grow in new and unexpected ways: Take risks, fail, learn, and iterate to succeed.
  • Extrapolate lessons from your career and leverage those takeaways to be more effective.
  • Interlace your peers’ experiences with lessons of Stanford GSB faculty, lecturers, and world-renowned guest speakers to deepen your learning.
  • Dedicate time to learn new skills, explore new topics, and gain insights that are relevant in today’s economy.