Application Process for Stanford LEAD

The application process for Stanford LEAD requires you to complete four components: the online application, a short essay, a professional recommendation, and an online video interview.


Required Materials

The four components required for you to complete the application process for Stanford LEAD can be found in the online application.

Online Application Provide basic personal contact and professional background information, as well as the following three components: essay, professional recommendation, and video interview recording.
Essay Write a statement of 500 words or less describing an area of your organization where you’d like to make an impact.
Professional Recommendation Request a professional recommendation from a supervisor or another stakeholder in your professional success. This recommendation can be requested and submitted via the online application.
Online Video Interview Log in to an online video interview system to record one-minute responses to two questions: one from the Stanford LEAD faculty director, and one from a Stanford LEAD alum.

Confirmation of Receipt

You will receive a confirmation of receipt by email within 24 hours of submitting your application. If you have questions about the status of your application, contact the Stanford LEAD team.​

Notification of Acceptance

We have a rolling admissions process and review applications on an ongoing basis. You will be notified of your admission status within four weeks of submitting your application.

If you submit your application after the application deadline, your application will be considered on a space-available basis.

Withdrawal of Offer of Admission

If you are offered admission, Stanford reserves the right to withdraw that offer if 1) there has been a misrepresentation or material omission in or a violation of any of the terms of the application process; 2) we learn that you have engaged in behavior prior to the first day of program attendance that indicates a serious lack of judgment or integrity; or 3) for other reasons you are determined to be ineligible in Stanford’s discretion. Stanford further reserves the right to require you to provide additional information and/or authorization for the release of information about any potential concern described in this paragraph. Failure to cooperate in a review of a concern or a request for additional documents relating to a concern is sufficient basis to withdraw admission.