Application Process for the Stanford Executive Program

The Stanford Executive Program is a general management program, designed for senior-level executives who will use this opportunity to make an even greater difference in their legacies, their careers, and their organizations’ future.

Formats Offered

Immerse yourself in an intensive learning environment with 6 consecutive weeks of in-person sessions on campus at Stanford GSB.

Experience the program in a flexible format — designed with work-life demands in mind — with 10 weeks of live online sessions bookended by two, 2-week modules of in-person sessions.

English-Language Proficiency

Applicants must be proficient in the English language. All classes and discussions are conducted in English, and attendees are expected to fully participate in all aspects of the program.

Application Deadlines
Program Format SEP Full-Time SEP Flex
Round 1 06 Dec 2024 30 Apr 2024
Final Round 04 Apr 2025 23 Aug 2024

Applying in an early admission round increases your chance of being accepted. Applicants in later rounds have a higher likelihood of being deferred or waitlisted.

Notification Dates
Program Format SEP Full-Time SEP Flex
Round 1 15 Jan 2025 24 May 2024
Final Round 23 Apr 2025 12 Sep 2024

Required Materials

You will need to complete an online application. The application includes biographical information, information on your professional background, and essay questions. Optional Professional Recommendation: Using the online application system you will request a recommendation from either a manager or another stakeholder in your professional success. This must be submitted through the online link provided from the application system.

You may also request a recommendation from either a manager or another stakeholder in your professional success through the online application.

Withdrawal of Offer of Admission

If you are offered admission, Stanford reserves the right to withdraw that offer if 1) there has been a misrepresentation or material omission in or a violation of any of the terms of the application process; 2) we learn that you have engaged in behavior prior to the first day of program attendance that indicates a serious lack of judgment or integrity; or 3) for other reasons you are determined to be ineligible in Stanford’s discretion. Stanford further reserves the right to require you to provide additional information and/or authorization for the release of information about any potential concern described in this paragraph. Failure to cooperate in a review of a concern or a request for additional documents relating to a concern is sufficient basis to withdraw admission.


Questions? Download the SEP FAQs