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Diversity & Inclusion for Strategic Impact — an Online Program for Executive Teams

Make diversity and inclusion a strategic priority in your organization by working with your leadership team to understand obstacles and explore opportunities to create breakthrough solutions.

How can you provide more effective leadership for your diversity and inclusion initiatives? What’s getting in the way of organizational success? How can you create an inclusive culture of belonging?

Answering these questions is challenging, rewarding, and essential for every business. To create and maintain a truly diverse and inclusive organization, more senior leaders need to make it a strategic priority, taking ownership of its obstacles and designing opportunities. At Stanford GSB, we believe that now more than ever, there is a great need for businesses to increase representation, build greater inclusion, drive positive change, and ensure accountability. And Diversity & Inclusion for Strategic Impact is here to help.

Diversity & Inclusion for Strategic Impact gives you the unique opportunity to work directly with your senior leadership team to tackle the issue head on. You’ll learn and engage in real-time with Stanford GSB faculty who will provide both research-based evidence and real-world examples of how other companies have either failed or succeeded. Using design thinking methodologies, you’ll discover how to better define the problems your organization is facing and open your mind to reframing those problems in new ways so that you can design more innovative and effective solutions. Through faculty-led sessions, case studies, facilitated conversations, and active reflection, your team will gain new insights and approaches for advancing diversity and inclusion in your organization.

This live online program is designed for collaboration and interaction. Your team will work closely with faculty to gain a greater understanding of the benefits of diversity and inclusion, what factors get in the way of achieving success, and which organizational interventions can improve outcomes and drive change within your own company.

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