Course Research Guides

We create in-depth research guides with recommended sources on topics that:

  • connect students to the best resources on a topic.

  • direct students to contact the library for help.

  • are easily embedded in Canvas.

Request a Custom Guide

Let us know the course name, syllabus, and assignment information, and explain how you hope students will use the guide.

Custom guides take time to prepare, so be sure to request them ahead of time.

Embed Guides in Canvas

Enable the “Library Resources” tab in your course to embed a custom guide, existing guide, or course reserves list in Canvas.

  1. In the course in Canvas, go to Settings in the lower left of the course navigation menu.
  2. Select the Navigation tab.
  3. Drag and drop Library Resources into the top half of the screen OR click the 3 dots menu on Library Resources and choose Enable.
  4. Press Save.

By default, a page will display with quick links to library resources (screenshot below). If you requested a custom guide or an existing guide, that will display instead after we make it.

Library Resources in Canvas